How do you rate your level of commitment?

Do you start things and never finish them?

Do you notice others getting their head down till they’ve done what they want to achieve and wondered how they did it?

I know I’ve made some huge strides in this area recently.

When I did my Master NLP training, I broke a board with my hand but it took a while to do as I wasn’t really fully committed!

I had worked out what makes my day perfect and have tried my best to do it, but I wasn’t really committed

Those of you  who know me will say- “You say that there’s no such thing as failure, only learning”

And I’ve recently learned!

I went to Jairek Robbins day in London called “How to get results fast”

I broke an arrow with my throat against a wall and did it straight away. (Haven’t got a picture I’m afraid).

How committed is that!!!

Because it felt so good to know I can achieve what I want, I am now fully committed to several things:

  • I am committed to doing my absolute best for my clients, in particular those who are in the  midst of family turmoil!!
  • I am committed to doing my perfect day every day!!
  • I’m committed to being me and the best I can be!!

What will you commit to today?

Choose one thing to commit to , just do it and then notice how good that feels!! 

Then carry on and keep committing to what is really important to you!

Post a comment on what you are committed to and how it is going for you!

Catch  up with you soon

Dr Bridget


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