Have a Happy Family Christmas

Prevention is better than Cure! 

When you listen to what people are saying about Christmas, is it excitement and anticipation that you hear, or dread and worry? Have a listen to others and yourself as well!

The hard times that many are going through at the moment with redundancies or uncertainties have added to some peoples and families stress. It is easy  to blame circumstances and others for how we feel, but actually we have choices, and Christmas is a time when we can practice using tools and techniques to change the way we think and therefore the results that we get.

If we do this and keep practicing, the effect on the rest of our life is enormous:- We are able to set goals, understand ourselves and others and take actions.

Have a read of my “Top 10 Tips to have a Happy Family Christmas” and take some action. I will be writing about these tips in more detail in coming blogs.

Dr Bridget


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  1. Institute For Coaching
    Institute For Coaching says:

    Christmas is a challenging time for many people, on of our objectives as a life coach is to help our clients work through the hard times, and create an atmosphere of happiness in their lives, to improve their situation and start to enjoy every aspect of life.


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