Overcoming challenges – how do you keep the “faith”?

Overcoming challenges and keeping the “faith” has been an interesting one for me in the last month.

In particular, the balancing of work and life priorities has led to some interesting internal chatter!!!

Keeping the Faith and overcoming challenges

Overcoming challenges

Working for myself and dealing with challenges on my own has occasionally caused me to question why I do what I do. So I thought I’d share my thoughts about it , for the purpose of supporting others. A lot of my clients know what they really want to do and still falter when things don’t go as planned. When I think about it, there are some common reasons:-

It’s because 1) either the thing that they want isn’t important enough or 2) they don’t believe they are good enough to do it whatever it is. Also 3) they probably don’t have support from people that sustain them. Blaming others, doubting yourself, or uncertainty about the  outcome are all sent to test our resolve. Probably a result of lack of clarity about importance and lack of self belief.  So, making sure that you are doing what is important to your core values is important. Plus doing whatever is necessary to fully believe in yourself. These are key components of overcoming challenges and keeping the “faith” 

The picture above is a project that we are undertaking in the garden, only to find that we need planning permission for the decking and that the soil needed to fill the beds is  going to cost a lot of money. We could have just stopped but it was important to me and I know we would find a way – just persisting in the face of adversity has helped. A minor challenge compared to what some people are going through in their lives and their businesses. If you need any support or help to find a way to overcome obstacles , just click here to access a free session.

Otherwise, make sure you are doing the things that are important to you, believe in  yourself and then find people to talk to about what  you are doing. I run Mastermind groups In the South West and Wales and I find it really useful being a member of one myself. It enables people to brainstorm, solve challenges and gain confidential support from other members.

Till next time.

Dr Bridget

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