Clearing clutter- It’s time!

Clearing clutter and getting clarity

I was inspired to write this article about clearing clutter as I watch the leaves fall from the trees and start to tidy up the garden. It made me think of what I need to clear from my life and my business in order to be able to be successful and happy! 

Clearing clutter that you don't want

Clearing clutter and getting rid of what is not helpful

I was talking to a client this morning who was feeling a bit overwhelmed and had come to stop at a place where she couldn’t move forward. It turned out she hadn’t been clearing clutter and that she felt that her life was a bit of a mess – that she was just about coping until the next thing came in when she went into a bit of a downward spiral – I’m sure you know what I mean – I certainly do. We chatted for a while until she became clear about what was holding her back and and what she needed to stop doing so that she could move forwards. Its a key skill in life to have clarity and to get started clearing out the clutter.

Here are the things that I need to be completely clear about and what I don’t need in my life – The list may be of help to you as you consider “tidying up” your life and consider what you could let go of and out in the compost heap. 

Environment: Being content with my environment at home and at work. I need to get rid of clutter that stops me from concentrating.  

Q. What could you get rid of in order to become more efficient? Could you tidy up some of your paths in order to find the direction you want and sweep up some of the leaves that are hiding the clarity of the edges?

Goals: Being really clear about my goals. And also finding new ones.  As a metaphor – have the borders been dug, the vegetables grown and eaten and do you need to know what you want for next year? Its difficult to sow seeds unless you know what you want them to grow into!

Q. What do you need to do to tidy up your goals?

Behaviours: Am I doing the things that get me what I want? That move me towards my goals? Or do I do random and ineffective behaviors? I’m someone that forgets to do watering the plants that I have planted and this means that they don’t do as well as I would like them to. Putting in new behaviours and letting go of the ones that don’t work would be useful.

Q. What behaviours could you change that would make you life better than it is now and get you your goals?

Values and Beliefs: Am I living in line with my values and what I believe,  or am I living in line with other people’s values and beliefs? Its important to me to have fun and to have a purpose and sometimes I have a sweep out of things that aren’t fun and get me towards my goals. Reminders around the house are important as its easy to forget whats important.

Q. Are you clear about your values ? Your motivators? Here is a link to my book where you can find out how to be certain what they are.

Identity: Am I being myself and am I happy with that or am I being who someone else wants me to be? Do I surround myself with supportive people? 

Q. Do people drag you down and make you feel uncomfortable and that you cant be yourself? Surround yourself with people who sustain you and you sustain them. People who tend to make you feel undernourished or not growing can be swept gently aside. Have a look at the chapter on support in my book in order to make some changes. 

Here is a list that may be useful in deciding what clutter to get rid of and what you want instead.

  • Your environment or surroundings – declutter
  • What you do that isn’t working for you – create new behaviours
  • Goals that are in the past or don’t matter any more – make new ones and keep them clearly in your mind
  • Make sure that you are being who you want to be and that you surround yourself with supportive people

I’d love to know what changes you are thinking of making – the clutter that you are going to get rid of and what you will replace it with so have a think and LEAVE A COMMENT below that may inspire other people. If you’d like some support to talk this through click here to access a free consultation.

Till next time

Dr Bridget





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