12 Days of Christmas Tips Day 2

Christmas Tips Day 2

Christmas Tips day 2

Being Grateful

Making sure that you are finding the time to do what you want to do is my tip today. Lots to be grateful for leading up to Christmas and these are two of them. They aren’t as peaceful as turtle doves but there is lots of love around! And it’s fun looking after them. 

I’m grateful for my two children and also my two grandchildren as we head towards Christmas. Day 2 of my Christmas Tips is about taking time to realise what makes us happy and to take time to enjoy a balance that means we can enjoy those things.

Ask yourself what is out of balance in your life and what actions  you  need to take to re-balance the days from now on. You can access a free session here  and get a copy of a Wheel of Life when you do. Sign up using the form on the right hand side of my pages to get my posts every week. 

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