Christmas Tips – Day 8

Christmas tips – Day 8 – a free resource for you

Christmas Tips - Day 8When I work with people in business, often the 1st thing that I will do with them is to assess where they are. This tool is called the “Mindset for Success Wheel” and is a self- assessment of you and the way that you are thinking. You’ll notice that there are 8 self assessment segments – that’s great for my Christmas Tips – Day 8. If its looking a bit wobbly (most peoples are), there are plenty of things that you can do to balance out your wheel and get more success in your business, your career and your life. 

Here is a link to the tool Mindset for Success Wheel . Print off the wheel, have a look at the questions and fill in the wheel, marking whether you think you have scored a 10 (outer rim) or a 0-1 (central point). Then reflect on whether you need to make any changes and decide what they are. If you  need any help, fill in a form for a free appointment here. Its  the start of your  journey towards success! 


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