5 Tips to Manage Work Life Balance during the festive season

5 Tips to  Manage Work Life Balance during the festive season.

Work Life Balance during the festive season

Work Life Balance

I was asked to wrote 5 Tips to Manage Work Life Balance for a magazine recently and thought that it would be useful to share with you as well.

I also have a present for you!!!!! My “Mindset for Business Success” Kindle book, which is on it’s 3rd reprint, is free for the next 2 days and  you can get it by clicking on this linkVery useful for the New Year!

So, 5 Tips to Manage Your Work Life Balance during the Festive Season. Now some of you will be screaming at me ” WORK LIFE BALANCE – IT’S IMPOSSIBLE”, some of you will have worked it out already, and most of you, I suspect, will be wondering what you can do to spend time doing some work and also be happy and have fun. A lot of us run a business, some of us have a job where we might have got behind with work, and others may be looking after some very excited children and trying to keep everyone happy. Here are my 5 tips to get that work life balance during the festive season.

  1. Set goals and write them down. Put some personal goals and some work goals down in advance and tell people about them. They will then understand what you are doing rather than being surprised. Be firm about it and point out the advantages to others of you feeling calm rather than frazzled! 
  2. Set an intention. Expect the best and that’s what will happen. You get what you focus on, so focus on enjoyment and balance rather than expecting disappointment and frustration. This applies to all of your life, by the way!
  3. Decide on what is important to you. It’s OK to want to work if it is important and you feel fine with it. Let other people know what you want to achieve through the festivities to avoid feeling resentful and disappointed. It’s interesting how our parents, colleagues, friends and family have all got different expectations about this time of the year and this is because they have all grown up with different values and “should’s” and “ought to’s”.
  4. Be yourself. People often feel they need to “conform” to keep everyone happy but it often has the opposite effect. Find a way of keeping cheerful, being you, and doing what you want or need to do. 
  5. Find out what is important to others. If you know, then you can contribute to others enjoyment. If their wishes are opposite to yours, then have a conversation using the phrase “I know we all want to have a happy time together and it would be great to work out how we can do that….”

Have fun and be productive in whatever way is important to you! and here’s the link to the free kindle book again. 

Until next time ………


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  1. Neil Lloyd
    Neil Lloyd says:

    I love these tips.

    Especially letting other people know what’s important to you and finding out what’s important to them so that the experience is enjoyable for all involved :)


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