8 Questions To Give You Clarity For The Next Year

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Get clear for the next year

8 Questions To Give You Clarity For The Next Year

Its interesting, isn’t it, when things happen around you and you suddenly have a light bulb moment?  (and they don’t have to be big things!)

I had a significant birthday recently and a member of my team sent me a birthday card which talked about how you get more confused as you get older and I thought “Really???”. Of course the card was difficult to open but I then had this thought that “actually I get clearer as I get older”!

And then Prince Charles was on the television and as talking about how he had battled all of his life with getting people to see the point. He was talking about the Princes  Trust, which he set up and is passionate about – very clear!

So I thought I’d talk about clarity and give you a tool to help you get clear for the next year.

One dictionary definition is:

The ability to think clearly and not be confused And after all, clear thoughts and lack of confused internal chatter are part of getting success and happiness, aren’t they? Many of my clients come with so much turmoil in their heads, they find it difficult to take any action.

So here is the very simple tool:

There are 4 sections and within each of these, there is a towards question (what you want) and an away from question (what you dont want). This is because people are motivated by either moving towards something they want or away from what they don’t want. It a Meta Programme in NLP and an unconscious filter which  gets you results and, as I dont know what motivates you, I’ve included both.

[table id=9 /]

Now pick a date for each month and commit to one action to get the results. Review it on the same day of the next month and leave me comments. As always, if you are struggling, fill in the form here and you can get a free consultation with me  to get you going.


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