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An Easy Way To Achieve Your Goal And Keep On Course

Achieve your goal in a more effective way by starting with the end in mind

Starting with the end in mind is a great way to keep on course and achieve your goal. It takes a bit of practice and a different way of thinking which is definitely worth doing.  Once you get the hang of doing it this way, it will become clear that this is a great way to achieve more, get distracted less and feel fulfilled and proud of yourself.

The reason for writing this blog is that I recently attended a great day on how to produce on-line courses. Once we had decided what the reason was for doing the on line course and what we wanted to achieve, the rest of the actions became a lot clearer. So starting with the end product in mind meant that the beginning point was obvious and also very motivating!!

Watch and listen to the video below and then choose a goal and work backwards from the goal until you get to the starting point.


Start with the end in mind

Achieve your goal

Here’s an example from my goals for this year: – I’d like to eat my own vegetables. That is my end goal. So I can work backwards from eating my own vegetables and ask myself what’s the step before that which is needed so that I can eat my own vegetables – its to grow my own vegetables. Then whats the step before that and so on. I eventually worked out tha I need to set some time aside to plan how to do the research. The steps are below – you may have different steps of your own.

Eat my own vegetables ( The end point – the goal)

Grow my own vegetables

Decide what vegetables and how many

Choose a place to grow them

Do some research

Decide how to do some research

Set aside time to do the research (first thing to do)

So working from the end backwards is much more effective than starting randomly at the beginning and getting distracted along the say – Test it out and see how different this way of doing it is.

Let me know if you need any help and get in touch if you do

See you for my next prescription for success

Dr Bridget

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