Locking things away – Are You Doing It?

Locking Things Away – Do you do it?

I’m talking about this today because a lot of people are doing it and either are aware they are doing it or are not aware. And I’ve made a video about it below because it’s this thing that leads to a fear of failure or success and cause self sabotage, confusion and frustration! I’ve been running an NLP Practitioner course over the last few days and also working intensively with people in business and I often hear people say “I’m locking things away in a box, I’ve put it to the back of my mind or I’ve closed it off! And they often gesture to the place where it is.

The client that I’ve been working with recently has given me permission to share her box with you. The Closed Pandora's Boxbox  has been closed for many years and has recently started to open. The unconscious mind works really hard to protect us and this is why we lock “stuff” away. Then, when it becomes too uncomfortable or we become aware of the consequences, the unconscious mind throws it into our consciousness to resolve the issues. In this case, there were many things, some of them painful, that were in her box, and the reason she is now working with me is her certainty that the box is open, painful and needs to be sorted. She now realises what the consequences are of an open box and is doing something about it. The consequences are many thousands of pounds and much stress and sleepless nights. This is her open  box Open Pandora's Boxand I expect some of you have similar things in your box. This is going to be sorted out in the next two days, so get in touch if you have a box – this is a link for a free session http://bit.ly/talktoDrB


Till next time

Dr Bridget


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