Becoming a Key Person Of Infuence

Key Person of Influence

Be your own inspiration!

Becoming a Key Person Of Influence


I sent off for Daniel Priestley’s revised edition of “Key Person of Influence” which is about how to become one of the most highly valued and paid person of your industry – recommend this book if you want to be that person. When it arrived it gave me an idea for a blog. It occurred to me that really, the 1st step is for YOU to become YOUR KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE!! Would you agree?

And it then started me on a wonder about what the process needs to be to become that. Here are my thoughts:

  • Live in the present rather than in the past
    • Enjoy the moment and let go of the emotions from the past that are holding you back or giving you doubts
    • Draw a time line from when you were born to now and put down the details of your highs and lows on this and reflect on what you need to let go of. Get help if you need to by contacting me for a free consultation on 07973 635102
  • Believe in yourself and if you have wobbles or simply have low self esteem or confidence, get in touch.
    • Look for evidence that you are good enough and can do whatever you want and keep looking for that evidence
    • Become your own best supporter – go with your instincts and trust yourself
  • Become Vital rather than Functional – get a great emotional state and learn how to do that
    • You know how some things make you feel drained and others really lift you, don’t you. Well remember the uplifting things, take action to feel happy or excited, leap up and down sing songs, talk to a great friend. Notice when you aren’t in a great state and do something about it!
  • Make plans and act as if! Very powerful to live as though  you already have your goals.
  • Become an action taker
    • If you fully believe in yourself and understand yourself, make sure you are taking action towards your goals. If you don’t take action then you will have wobbles and won’t inspire yourself

I couldn’t think of an acronym to cover these so in the end I just say:

GO ME!!!!!!

Watch the video about this prescription and get the tool here


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Till next time

Dr Bridget – giving you prescriptions for success.


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