Be Careful What You Say To Yourself – Here’s Why!

Be Careful What You Say To Yourself!!

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The Impact of Self Talk

Often I get the inspiration for my blogs from clients or people around me.  The inspiration for this blog came from both.

This week one of my clients and I were discussing his new business, which is in the set up phase. He had read an article which supported something that had happened to him in the past. This resulted in him saying to himself, and to me; “Nothing ever works the first time – does it?”.

Then, later in the week, I had a similar discussion with one of my suppliers and she said; “Nothing ever works all the time”!

Now, because of my training and coaching skills, I thought to myself on both occasions “REALLY?”.

But just as easily, I could have developed those beliefs in my business or life, as could anyone else. But these type of thoughts are extremely unhelpful and could end up doing more damage in the long run – what do you think?

They start off as thoughts and are slowly supported by other people and society in general and become beliefs! This type of thinking acts as a protection against failure – but if you believe there is no such thing as failure, just opportunities to learn, there is no reason to poison your mind with negative thoughts.

Your unconscious mind operates in two ways – which is how these type of statements are able to get into your own head quite easily.

  1. It takes everything personally – everything it hears, things you say to other people and things you read or listen to. Negative thoughts end up having negative effects.
  2. Your unconscious mind is lazy. If it sees or hears something which suggests it doesn’t have to work too much, it will be delighted! This includes words such as TRY and HOPE.

Therefore, statements such as those at the beginning of this blog will be unhelpful in your journey towards happiness and success. They give your unconscious mind the opportunity to not work as hard and to settle instead of striving for the best – because if you believe what they do, whatever you do, “it isn’t going to work.”

Watch and listen to the video below as I work through these scenarios and explain why these thoughts can be damaging in more detail.

Becoming aware of your “self-talk” and your beliefs can be a really helpful attribute when it comes to your journey through life. It will allow you to take control over thoughts that have the potential to slow down your success and happiness and even to stop you getting what you want in this world.


If you’d like even more understanding of how we develop our model of the world from our internal filtering watch my cauliflower video here.

If you would like to discuss how to change your internal filtering and gain more control over your thoughts, contact me.


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