Maintaining Boundaries – 4 Influences That Can Make You Cross Your Boundaries

Maintaining Boundaries

To cross or not cross?

To cross or not cross?

Yesterday, as I watched 24 hour A&E I was reminded of boundaries, old thoughts to do with vulnerability and loss of purpose reared their heads and seemed to be forcing me to cross mine – luckily I am quite aware of my boundaries and could easily move past but for some people it can be quite a struggle.

This made me think of some of the ways that people are forced to cross their boundaries and I decided it would be a great topic for my Prescriptions for Success – so my video, and blog, this week will focus on 4 ways that people can be pushed to cross their boundaries and how best to overcome them.

Boundaries are something that I regularly discuss with my clients, once they have got rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past. Setting up boundaries around yourself to maintain your happiness with your life can be a great was to keep out negativity, be that from people or media. Watch the video below and then read a bit more about the top 4 ways I consider most effective to avoid this type of self-sabotage.

It took me a while to work out what I consider the top 4 ways  your boundaries can be crossed and how to avoid it, and I’m sure there are many more, so if you have any suggestions please let me know and let’s start a discussion.

There is always the opposite point of view that “life is about having fun”, so why limit yourself to living inside boundaries? My personal point of view is that I have more fun when I am happy and content and boundaries keep me feeling that way.

Here are my top 4:

  1. Be with people who sustain you rather than drain you. If the people that drain you are family, then find a way of keeping neutral about them
  1. Notice when external events in the media make you feel negative – there will be sad things that happen and its fine to feel sad but ensure that you then move on. Try and notice if you are watching or listening to anything that is affecting your mind set in a negative way
  1. Be yourself. Live in line with things that are important to you and notice if you are doing things that aren’t in line with your values or if you are not doing what’s important to you.
  1. Negative events from the past can drag you down – they are called negative anchors. Either consciously decide to move on or if you need a helping hand, you could give me a call to start getting rid of them – you can also access a free consultation here


Do you have a burning question you want answered? Check out previous blogs and if you can’t find the answer you are looking for why not leave a comment? And maybe I can cover it in future posts.

Until next time,

Dr Bridget


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