What Makes a Good Week or a Bad week? Here’s How to Choose

What makes a good week or a bad week?

As I have mentioned before, the topics I discuss in Prescriptions for Success each week generally tend to develop from discussions with clients or situations they have faced.

Recently, a number of my clients have stated they have had “a bad week” and when I gave a talk on what makes a week good or bad in a networking event, I had loads of questions and enquiries. Therefore, it is clearly something that a lot of people struggle with, and probably will happen to most people at least once in their lives.

Having worked with many people, both as a doctor and as an NLP trainer and coach, I find the reasons for having a bad week are mainly found in these areas:

  1. People lose sight of their goals or don’t have them in the 1st place
  2. People stop being themselves and try and fit in and follow the “rules” as they perceive them
  3. People lose belief – even losing a tiny bit makes a big difference!

In the video below I discuss these areas and possible ways to combat “a bad week”, so give it a watch and ask yourself whether any of them apply to you.

Making some small changes in the way that you think, or the actions that you take, could a potentially take a bad week and turn it into a good week. I always encourage people to write things down as that often gives clarity and understanding, and can often provide the reflection that is needed.

Give it a go and if you are struggling or have any questions, give me a call on 01656 347027 or fill in a request form here. We can find out what is going on together and help you reach your full potential.


Until next week – make this one a good one!!!

Dr Bridget

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