Are your habits unhelpful? Find out how to change them

Do you have habits that are unhelpful?

bad habits

Unhelpful habits

This blog talks about how habits are formed, and why they would be helpful to change, very quickly!

I expect you absolutely know about some of the habits that are unhelpful to you, don’t you? But are you aware of them all and what effect they have on your results?

In the video below Steve talks about the two sorts of habits that we have, and why one is much more useful than the other.

Unhelpful habits affect our health, our relationships, our business and our career success. They also cause frustration, sadness and many other negative emotions once we become aware of them.

Watch the video and ask yourself which sort of habit you are doing – and I will tell you underneath how to change them really quickly!


Unhelpful habits are strategies that you run in a split second in your unconscious mind.  They start with a trigger.

NLP tools, such as strategy change and swishes work exceedingly quickly; often within just 30 minutes!

Most people try and change habits at a conscious level which can take many days and I often wonder, “why would you not go for the easier option and get the results really quickly?”

You can come on my NLP courses to change your unconscious habits and learn how to do the same with your clients or colleagues. Alternatively, you can  book a session with me on a 1:1 basis.

Would you prefer results to something that pleases you but doesn’t get you great results? An interesting question!

Until next time, here’s to great results!

Dr Bridget



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