Is Your Values Level Thinking at the Right Level or Not?

Is Your Values Level Thinking at the Right Level or Not?

Thinking at the right level

Fitting your thinking to your environment

When I begin working with a client I’m always curious to find out what level of thinking they are doing and whether or not that level has the ability to get them to their goals in business, career and/or life.

Values level thinking is about how people think in different environments and how they adapt their thinking to suit their environments. There are numerous levels, click here to access a pdf which summarises them.

One of the main things values level thinking identifies, I whether you are on an even or an odd level. Even numbered levels are analysed as sacrificing yourself. For example, you against what you think/believe to just do what you are told, to follow society rules or for the good of the group. The odd number levels are considered as independent levels where you fight against the competition and want to be the best or you are able to be totally flexible in your behaviour depending on the environment that you find yourself in. And it’s really interesting!

Watch my video below and read the PDF – find out what your main level of thinking is and if you want to change how you think to get success, click here to get in touch and book a FREE consultation.

Is your level of thinking useful for you in terms of achieving your goals? Let me know if you want to discuss it and find out if you need to change. Call me on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027.

If you are wondering what my levels are, when I sat down and thought about it a few months ago I discover I was more in the VL6 than I wanted to be. Since this discovery I have purposely worked on increasing my VL5 and reduce my VL6 and its working really well for my business!

Until next time – keep thinking,

Dr Bridget

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