Crossroads. Don’t be cross, be excited!

forking-road-839830_640A crossroads is about change. It is a time to choose between two different options which seemingly cannot co-exist. Do we want to go one way or the other? Continue down the path we are on or decide on something different?

Every day we make decisions. Many of these barely register with us as our brain and body are programmed for efficiency and therefore are done unconsciously.  But, when something big and new comes along it can shock the system.

This should be embraced.  That shock to the system or that big decision can be an opportunity for great change. Whether it is parting ways with something negative or taking the risk to choose a new experience, these points in our lives can be critical.

Crossroads can be difficult. We know we must pick a direction, yet we often remain in the middle of the road: confused, fearful, and wrapped in circular mind games over which is the “right direction” to take! We can feel stuck – but it is this ‘stuck’ place where the magic happens and self-realisation and self-healing can take place. It allows the opportunity of personal breakthrough and we can leave feeling more content, determined and with a clearer idea of what we want than ever before.

Whether you are recovering from past events, healing from loss or grief or overcoming negative thought patterns – the crossroads you find yourself at is your opportunity to break free!  These moments occur when old patterns are no longer sustaining your way of life.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and feeling stuck and alone, I want to help you turn this moment into a prolonged lasting positive change to your life and help you reach not only your full potential, but the happiness and success you deserve! Embrace that crossroad!

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, I offer free consultations: click here to book an appointment or call 07973 635102 to contact me.

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