How to Resist Temptation – Raising your Awareness

Can you resist temptation?

Resisting Temptation

How to resist temptation

Our behaviour is generally driven by our unconscious mind and the strategies it has in place which are set off by different triggers. Sometimes these triggers can be something we see, hear or say to ourselves.

One of my vices is biscuits – I usually feel a strong temptation to eat them after seeing a biscuit. It can be at home or in a shop or in someone else’s hand, even on TV! Another is wine – this is usually triggered by looking at a clock, as in my unconscious mind it is connected to relaxing at the end of the day.

Whilst the odd glass of wine or biscuit isn’t going to kill me – if it gets to a point where I can’t resist the temptation, it could become dangerous to my health and wellbeing. To avoid this it is important to work out what triggers the temptations, unless we work this out, we will keep doing it.

It is also important to make a note of the path temptation takes. The feeling of wanting something starts off at a low intensity after it is first triggered, and it then builds up to high. It is at this point that we most desire the thing we want, and it is at this point we need to remind ourselves to resist, as after a few minutes the intensity of our temptation will begin to die down again. Temptation is a bit like a bell curve, it goes up, but will come back down.

Knowing this shape will help you be able to consciously change your behaviour and take control. Knowing your trigger gives you the ability to notice the urge before it is at it’s most intense, allowing you to prepare to resist long enough until the urge disappears. Watch the video below and practice resisting an urge until it disappears.

If you want to know more about formal techniques for changing yours or other people’s unconscious strategies – click here to look at my NLP courses – we work on a variety of ways to interrupt patterns and change behaviour, which are very useful.

If you are practising this technique, let me know if you are having problems and we can talk about it – 01656 347 027 or 07973 635102 or click here to book a FREE consultation.

Until next week- happy resisting!

Dr. Bridget

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