The Consequences of Ignoring Thoughts that Pop into Your Mind

Consequences of ignoring your thoughts

Ignoring your thoughts has consequences


Hello! This blog and video has been prompted by the consequences of me ignoring thoughts that keep popping into my mind. And I’m wondering whether you have fallen victim to this too and what the consequences are?

So, here is my story.  There I was, sitting in bed at 8 in the morning with 2 dogs holding me down and soaking wet hair, when a message popped into my phone. I looked at it and … You’ll have to watch the video below to find out what happened next!

After you watch the video, read below to find out more about what your mind is doing when you get recurring thoughts popping in.

Your unconscious mind has all your memories and is there to protect you and keep you safe. So sometimes we get thoughts popping into our minds on a regular basis through the day and sometimes when we dream. There is always a purpose for this!

Ask yourself “What is constantly popping into my mind on a regular basis that would be useful to take notice of and resolve?”

Take a piece of paper, or your journal, and write down the things that regularly pop into your mind. Perhaps they are things that you have been meaning to resolve for a long time or simply a thought that has started to pop in recently. Either way, find a way of resolving whatever it is by:

  • Taking the action you have been avoiding
  • Journaling to find out more about the thought and where it has come from
  • Talking to someone you trust

If you have been feeling stuck with your thoughts for a long time and think you need some help, give me a ring on 01656 347027 or 07973 635102 or click here to send me a message and talk to me.

If you want to learn how to help people to resolve issues, at the same time as getting amazing personal development, here’s the link for my NLP courses.

Until next week, keep noticing!

Dr. Bridget

4 replies
  1. Bethan Waygood
    Bethan Waygood says:

    Hello Bridget – I think your message can be misleading re. ignoring thoughts. Those people who suffer with intrusive thoughts can have months/years of therapy from qualified practitioners to ignore thoughts that go on, maybe more clarification is needed to clients as ignoring recurring and intrusive thoughts is essential to treatment and recovery and receiving such emails can contradict such tried and
    proven research. Maybe you can clarify what message you’re trying to convey? Best wishes Bethan Waygood

  2. Jodie Read
    Jodie Read says:

    Bridget, thanks for sharing your videos on a regular basis. They have inspired me to think about doing the same within our own business. I particularly like the fact that you do them consistently, and that they are always short and sweet!

  3. Elinor
    Elinor says:

    Great video once again Bridget! Truly loving your life lessons! At some point it would be great to meet your Virtual Assistant – I’m intrigued! Can we meet him/her in the next video perhaps??
    I’ve realised recently what my recurring thoughts are – look forward to updating you in January!


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