Relationships are interesting

Understanding Relationships and Their Complexity

 Relationships – Understanding how they work

Relationships are interesting

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It’s nearly Valentines Day in the UK and there will be people who are happy in their romantic relationships, people who aren’t and people who don’t have one at all.

However, these are not the only relationships that we have. There are those at work, in our family, our friends or people we meet briefly. And understanding these can make the difference between happiness and unhappiness because some relationships “work well” and others “don’t work well”.

Watch the video below to understand some of this and get in touch with me if you are struggling with relationships with other people. The differences that are at a level outside of our conscious awareness have the ability to challenge that happiness and the video describes the reason for it.

Here’s the thing – Everyone is different!

We all have different memories and experiences throughout our life which affect our feelings about relationships. And we often have negative anchors which keep dragging us back to previous relationships.

We all have different values for our life, our work and our relationships, so our drivers or motivators are different to other peoples.

We have different beliefs and these will be different for different people. And of course, our beliefs are right and other peoples’ are wrong ???

And we have different Meta Programmes. These are very unconscious and are the reason for feeling as though we are “on a different page” to someone else. Download the PDF about them here Meta Programmes and then watch the video again. The PDF is fun to do with another person and that will give you a lot of insights about the realtionship that you have with them and greater understanding of them.

If you understand how you work differently to people that you want a relationship with, you can adapt your behaviour or at least have a laugh about it!

Until next week, happy relating and give me a ring if you want help with how you relate to someone. 07973 635102 or 01656 347027 or fill in the form here.

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