Tipping Point

Have You Reached Your Tipping Point- How would you know?

Have You Reached Your Tipping Point?

Have You Reached Tipping Point?

Tipping Point

I read a blog post recently which made me think about tipping points and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you – it’s linked very much to resilience !

The dictionary definition of  Tipping Point is the critical mass – the threshold or the boiling point. And in our life, our career, our business, we sometimes feel as though we have reached it- particularly when we feel like giving up. Also, there comes a point, which we might not recognise, when with a little more effort/push we will get what we want.

I’ve certainly been at a variety of tipping points in the past where I could have given up my business

One Sort of Tipping  Point

Where my levels of stress, overwhelm and confusion led me to want to give up my business. I also had fear, both of failure and success and wasn’t surrounding myself with the right people. As I sat in front of my computer, with my head in my hands, I was definitely at a tipping point!!!! Was it worth it?

Another Sort of  Tipping Point

Where I had clarity, fully believed in myself, had lots of self worth, surrounded myself with the right people and was taking lots of action. But things just weren’t happening to get me the goals I really wanted – I was almost there!!!! -a tipping point! Was it worth it?

I wanted to ask you whether you are at a tipping point right now and  to give you a tool to assess which sort you are at. Watch the video below and then go to the PDF and do some self -assessment!

Here’s a tool to help you think about whether you are near a “giving up or an I’m nearly there tipping point- Tipping Point

Have a think and if you need help to make a decision or simply keep going to reach your goals, let me know. You can access a free consultation or ring me on 07973 635102 0r 01656 347027

Till next week

Dr Bridget

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