Limiting Beliefs about money

What to do When You Have Limiting Beliefs about Money

Do you have Limiting Beliefs about Money?

Limiting Beliefs about money

Limiting Beliefs

It’s important to have empowering beliefs about money and wealth, because then  you will be able to do what you want to do in your life and your business. If you don’t have these beliefs, you will constantly struggle to grow your business or your career and feel as though money is always an issue.

Our beliefs about money come from society, from our family, from our friends and who we regularly associate with. I’ve written about them in a chapter in my book “Mindset for Business Success”. The chapter is called “Knowing Yourself” and the book can either be purchased from Amazon or downloaded for free from my web site.

I’ve heard so many people talk about money in a limiting way and I’ve created a PDF tool for you to consider whether you have any beliefs that limit you and learn how to change them. Watch the video below and then download the pdf and reflect on your beliefs.

Interesting?? If you listen to people talking around you, you will hear these beliefs on a regular basis and the people that are doing that will usually be feeling like they are missing out on something!

Download the pdf Changing your Limiting Money Beliefs .

Then ask yourself these questions as you fill it in.

  • What do you believe?
  • Where has that belief come from?
  • Is it helpful to believe this?
  • What belief could you develop that would be more empowering?
  • How can you embed or find evidence for that new belief?

If you need any help to get rid of that belief, give me a ring on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027 or click here to request a free consultation with me

Let me know how you get on and enjoy some of the light bulb moments that you may have!

Until next time

Dr Bridget – giving you prescriptions for success.

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