How is your Self-Worth?

How Much Self-Worth do  You Have on a scale of 1-10?


Self – Worth

The consequences of having, or not having self-worth are huge!

If you are not feeling worthy,  you will feel rubbish and limit yourself in a  number of ways. In your relationships, in work, in your business, in  your life in general. The lack of self-worth can project from you to other people and you end up in a self fulfilling circle of doubt because people doubt you.

If you have lots of self worth, you respect yourself and you like yourself. If you create positive things and people in your life to support you, then the life that you can lead is happy and you are in charge of it.

Lack of self-worth is an internal feeling – how you perceive your value as a person. It often comes from the past and the experiences that you have had in your upbringing, in work or in relationships.

  • Perhaps people live, or have lived with, other people who take no notice of them or constantly criticize them.
  • Often people who have experienced abusive relationships feel worthless and it is an overriding feeling for them.
  • We also know how often people experience problems in work where perhaps  people have different models of the world, leading to accusations of bullying and feelings of despair.

And here’s the thing – some people start to lose their self worth in this scenario- could  you be one of them?

I’d like you to watch the video below and then take the actions suggested:

Ask yourself a difficult question! On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is “I have no self worth” to 10 where “I have loads of self worth” where are you?

Be honest with yourself!


  • Recognise where the feeling has come from and acknowledge the part that you have played in putting it in your head
  • Forgive yourself and other people as “Everyone does the best they can with all their available resources” I know that that can be difficult but it will help
  • Do things that make you feel worthy – notice what you do that makes you feel good and do more of it
  • Surround yourself with people that respect you and support you in a  positive way
  • Get some help if you are stuck in a pattern of thought that you are not worthy

Give me a ring if you, or someone that you know is struggling. 07973 635102 or 01656 347027 or book a free surgery session by clicking this link

Until next time

Look after yourself because you are worth it!

Dr Bridget




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