Do Decisions that You have made Help or Hinder You?

Decisions- are the ones that you have made useful or not?

Decisions, decisions

This is a really interesting and fascinating subject. We make decisions because we hear or see things around us and they become our reality. So from the media, our family our colleagues and all sorts of sources. They then lead to beliefs which are what we believe to be true. As part of our internal filtering they then drive our reality and our life. Often people decide things such as:

  • I’m not good enough or not worthy
  • There’s no-one on our side
  • No-one likes me
  • My horse doesn’t like black bin bags
  • I can’t eat mashed potato

The last two don’t impact hugely on our life as much as some of the others do. A lot of clients that I work with have decided that they are not good enough and that affects their relationships, their career, their business, their health and every part of their life. And it’s important to understand that decisions can be reversed just as quickly as they have been made. On my NLP courses, we make sure that we get rid of the limiting decisions that people have made so that they can reach their goals easily and effortlessly.

Watch the video where I explain this and also watch the video that I have linked to lower down the page where I explain how we get results – it’s a cauliflower and barbecue stick explanation of our unconscious filtering.

Here’s a link to the cauliflower and barbecue stick video
I think it would be really interesting to ask yourself whether you have made decisions that are unhelpful in your life and whether you would like to get rid of them?

If so, give me a ring on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027 and lets create a positive and happy life for you

Until next time- Happy Decision Making!

Dr Bridget

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