What are you going to sow

What Seeds of Success Are You Going to Sow?

Seeds of Success

Sowing seeds
Sowing Seeds

Hi – It’s Spring and heading into summer in the UK and people are flocking to the garden centre to buy seeds and  plants to make their surroundings attractive and to be productive. This is a short post today, asking you what you are going to plant in your life this year to be productive, happy and successful?

In order for your seeds to grow and create a successful life or career or business, it’s important to have a framework of things around you and the things that you plant.

Watch the video where I talk about my thoughts on this below

Some people plant negative seeds such as:

  • Fear, sadness, guilt and other negative emotions
  • Limiting Belief  seeds such as “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve a happy x,y or z”. “or “My life is always going to be like this”

    Unsuccessful sowing of seeds
    Negative Sowing
  • Negative people – I’ve recently started to call them MOOD HOOVERS – thanks for that term whoever gave it to me – A very descriptive term!!
  • Dismissal of reflective practices or meditation

More positive seeds could be

  • Positive thoughts and feelings such as happiness, fulfillment and motivation
  • Empowering beliefs such as “I can do anything I want” “I deserve success and happiness”
  • Positive people who support you no matter what
  • A commitment to meditation or reflection in a journal or both

Have a think about what you will grow this spring  and put a framework of positive people, reflection and and positivity around whatever seeds you grow.

If you have challenges with getting the right framework and seeds for you, give me a ring on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027 or book a free consultation here.

Until next time, happy sowing!

Dr Bridget

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  1. John Nowland

    Good luck with your ‘health seeds’. I’ve met many mood hoovers in the past. I will always try to encourage them and remind them that their glass is half full. They are in a much better place than if they’d kicked their glass over and it was smashed and empty!
    Love the video. Happy Springtime. 🌞

  2. Thanks Dr Bridget. I love the idea of using how nature works to illustrate how we can use this story to help us in our lives. I’ve been talking this week about how uplifting it is for gardeners especialy at this time of year. Just like plants we were born to thrive but sometimes we can’t seem to meet our needs.I explain that my garden started in my imagination and when I see the fantastic results of all the growth it all started with just a thought. Just like us if plants don’t get what they need they may wither and even die even though they are programmed to survive. All the best. Adrian.

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