How to Get More Done in Less Time

Get More Done in Less Time

Get more done
Headless chicken

You know that feeling – when  you have so much to do and you can’t fit in all in?

When you are running around like a headless chicken or maybe feeling like a rabbit in the headlights?

When you just don’t have the resources to change what’s going on?

I undertook  a survey with some of my followers a couple of weeks ago and managing time was a huge challenge for a lot of people.

In this video below I give you a few tips to  think about how to manage your time and get more done in less time. and then have a look at the resources highlighted below the video.

The first thing that would help you would be to set goals that inspire you. Here’s a link to my goal setting video

Once you have these and you have made sure that they are whole life goals and are really compelling, then make sure that everything you are doing  relates to the goals.

Working backwards from your goals

Make sure that you have worked backwards from your goals in order to get the actions that you need to do on a day by day basis.

Let me give you an example. If my goal was to work 3 days a week, I’d need systems in place to be able to manage my workload in those days.

To do this, I’d need a team to help me do this.

To get my team, I’d need to decide what I wanted them to do, I’d need to map out my business plan before that and before that, I’d need to find a business plan format that I want to use – small and precise.

So my 1st action is to find a business plan format that I liked.

You can use this system with any goal. It then stops you from being random, having other ideas and keeps you focused.

Time Management Tool

Here’s another tool that you can use once you know what you have to do. Time Management table

It enables you to monitor every task you do and asks  you whether it is related to your  goals or not and asks whether you are going to keep doing it or not. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Let me know if you would like more time management tools and, as always, if you’d like to talk to me click here or ring me on 07973635102

See you next week!

Dr Bridget

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