A Time Management Technique to Help you Reach Your Business Goals

Time Management Technique

Time Management Technique

Time Management

You know when you seem to spend hours achieving absolutely nothing? I came across this technique recently and it has revolutionised my Time Management. An Italian called Francesca Carrillo started this when he was in University and  it is something to do with cooking tomatoes!

Set a task from our most important actions or to do list. We then protect our time from distractions and start doing this task for 25 minutes. Listen to more detail on the video and give it a go – I’ve found it totally amazing and am much more productive!


  • Pick a task that you want to do to move you forwards towards your goals
  • Put your timer on for 25 minutes
  • Do the task without any interruptions. This means telling people this is what you are doing and avoiding any social media or e-mails or ironing
  • When the timer goes off, stop what you are doing.
  • Put a tick on a piece of paper and have a 3-5 minute break
  • Do this 4 times, so that you have 4 ticks, and then have a longer break – 1/2 hour to an hour.

Even if you can only do it once, it is a time management technique that makes a huge difference.

Have fun and be productive and see you next week!

Dr Bridget

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