Capture and Share- How Doing a Weekly Review Helps You to Grow

Collect and Share

Capture and share

Capturing and sharing information helps you to reflect and grow. In this video, I explain the sort of things that I collect, capture and share and make a commitment to do more sharing with you – find out in what way I’ll do that by watching the video. at the bottom of this post. I’ve attached a sharing tool for you to share your weekly experiences here.– Capturing and Sharing

I find that I gather so much information throughout the week and those are things that either help me or challenge me. I feel that these things, if shared, are likely to be useful to other people who may be going through the same or similar experiences. In general, I tend to keep things to myself-I’m not sure why-however I know that they crowd my thinking and sit in my head for quite a time sometimes. It can be uncomfortable.

Maybe you are like this as well? Things that contribute to this way of thinking may be:-

  • There’s no-one to share with
  • People won’t understand me – I’ve tried often enough
  • I’m the only one experiencing this
  • Its weak to be open
  • I’ll be taken advantage of if I share
  • Lots of reasons and excuses

What if you did share?

  • People would be attracted to you – or if not, you can ditch them!
  • People would understand me – how can they if you don’t share?
  • You’d find other people are experiencing the same sort of things – good and less good
  • You would be strong and value yourself for your experiences and opinions
  • You’d get a grip on your boundaries so that people don’t take advantage of you
  • You’d grow and learn ad take responsibility for your life

Watch the video here and let me know what you think of my idea please


If you captured your daily insights and thoughts that are important, would that help if you shared them with someone? Have a look at the tool I’ve designed and let me know what you think.     Capturing and Sharing

If you want to get in touch, you can do that by clicking here

Until next time, happy capturing and sharing!

Dr Bridget

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