What Do you Need to Let Go of?

What do You Need to Let Go Of

Let go

Let Go

There I was – again- looking at the mess of papers from my admin session and shutting the door and walking away. The next morning I know I would regret that recurring habit. So I know I needed to let go of doing that. And we can let go of un-useful thoughts, emotions and behaviours if we just become aware of them and make that decision. Have a look at the video below and then have a think about want you want to let go of.

Have a think about what habit is stopping you getting what you want, either emotionally or practically? And just Let Go of it. Become aware of behaviours and thoughts that are holding you back and just make a decision to  let go of them. It then leaves space for the more empowering thoughts and behaviours in your life

Examples of thoughts that might be helpful to let go of are:

  • I’m not good enough
  • It will never happen
  • Its too much bother – that’s mine
  • I’ve go to keep everyone happy

Examples of behaviours to stop – and there a re many more

  • Not finishing things
  • Starting things that aren’t helpful
  • Saying yes when you mean no

Let me know what you are going to give up this week in the comments below – click here for a chat if you are not sure how – and I will see you next week.

Dr Bridget



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