Day dreaming – it it useful or not?

Day Dreaming – the Pros and Cons


Day Dreaming

I was reading recently about the pros and cons of day dreaming. There was a study where people were given a task initially that was a brainstorm about what you could do with a coat hanger – I know!! a bit weird but its got me thinking. Once they had the results from this and had counted the results, they split the group into three. One group were asked to meditate and be totally quiet, one group had a highly complex task to do and the other group were given a really mundane task such as sorting socks or picking up pencils or ironing or reading from the telephone directory.

Watch the video below and see what happened and whether it was useful or not


The results were interesting when they retested the brainstorming tasks.

The people who did the really mundane tasks did the best and the result was put down to them day dreaming the most and allowing their creativity to surface.

Interesting. So maybe we should set ourselves some time aside to do very mundane tasks, particularly if we find ourselves not able to come up with solutions to a task or problem where we need to think differently- What do you think?

Perhaps we do more day dreaming than we think?

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Until next time – enjoy  those tasks- there is a purpose to them

Dr Bridget


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