Dr-Bridget-Kirsop-and-Paul-ReesBRIDGEND business coach Paul Rees has expanded to the United States three years ahead of schedule thanks to working with one of the UK’s leading business success gurus, Dr Bridget Kirsop.

Mr Rees, who works in entrepreneurial and personal coaching from his base at Pyle Industrial Centre, flew to Ohio this month to deliver his programmes to Senior State Educationalists.

But he admitted he would not have been able to do it without the help of Dr Bridget Kirsop.

Mr Rees worked with Dr Bridget, who is an expert in self-sabotage, on an intensive two-day neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) weekend in August to increase his confidence.

And Mr Rees, founder of Accolade Academy based near Bridgend and who has also developed programmes in business role modelling, said: “Before we did the two days, I would have naturally steered away from delivering these programmes to the education sector due to the confidence of going in and thinking ‘can I teach a teacher how to teach?’

“In my lifetime, I would never have thought that. I am somebody who will say ‘yes’ to anything and figure it out afterwards but I would never have allowed the attraction of this to come into my life. I feel I was struggling with just the role modelling programmes.”

“It has been three months and I have now gone from struggling with the role modelling to now flying out to Ohio and introducing the programmes at State level which is anything between thirty to fifty teachers at a given time in a mentoring programme that I am having to make up, build and deliver.

“That confidence came from clearing out a trigger that I could not find or recognise because of the anxiety I felt. It is a complex thought process but very simple at the same time.

“I am a great believer that business becomes who you are. Before our two days of intensity but wonderfulness, my business was not this.

“If we are 18 months from now and my business become that, then I would say it was my hard work and my attention but the switch has been so quick that when you look at it, I would not have attracted this kind of opportunity in this space of time.

Mr Rees added: “I am three years ahead of plan for going to America.

“I have flown out to Ohio to present my programmes to the educational system out there at Principal and Superintendent level. That means we will be teaching the senior teachers and take our ‘Think Tank’ programmes and my coaching there.”

Dr Bridget, a former GP and expert in NLP Time Line Therapy, said: “I am very pleased to have made a difference for Paul and his business. To expand to the United States three years ahead of schedule is a superb achievement and I am proud to have played a part in helping him with this.

“Paul works across the globe already and is developing his business rapidly. I am sure that this new intiative in the United States will augment his world presence and I wish him well.”

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