How to find out what you struggle with in your business (and some answers)

What do You Struggle With in Your Business?

Lets make 2018 your best year- together!

Hello – It’s often easy to guess at what our potential clients or clients are struggling with and I was no different. I spent a lot of last year finding out what my clients and potential clients struggle with – Meg Ward from Share Your Big Idea was super helpful with the researching of this.  We came up with 5 top things that people struggle with in business from a mindset perspective and when I think about who I work with and who I can see around me that need help, it made a lot of sense. In fact, I was more or less right!

It will be the way that my business will grow to support people in 2018.

The 5 “buckets” that contained most the things that most  people’s struggle with were:

  1. Lack of Focus
  2. Procrastination – lack of action taking and keeping up the momentum
  3. Lack of Support
  4. Lack of Self Belief
  5. Not being aligned with your business

Watch the video below – apologies for the croaking – (I won’t make any more jokes about going viral). If you recognise yourself in one or even 5 of the buckets, get in touch and lets make 2018 your most successful and happy year yet!

I will be developing products and coaching packages that are carefully designed with you in mind and will get you the outcomes that you want for the year . If you’d like to get in touch and be one of the 10 people that I am going to work with individually next year then CLICK HERE 

My  closed FB group called One Step Closer – Business Success is also growing rapidly and I’d love you to join the community to see what changes you can make next year. Other business owners are going through the same struggles as you- just fill in the 3 questions and then come on in and interact with us.

I absolutely want you to be happy, successful and fulfilled next year – it’s what I’m here for and you do only have one life! 

See you next week 

Dr Bridget



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