Setting Goals

Discover 5 Proven Ways to Get Your Goals By Engaging Your Brain

Welcome to the New Year!

Stepping Stones - Business NLP CoachThe Stepping Stones that I often use as a metaphor for my business, represent your journey towards what you want to achieve.  Interestingly, when I ask the business people in my group “One Step Closer”, they tell me that they are “nearly there” – nearly over the other side – it just takes a little push to get there. A Compelling Goal that is set using the whole of your brain is very helpful! I’ll be talking about how to do that on my webinar – Click here to register

Watch the video below to find out more:

So how can you use the whole of your brain to ensure you get your desired outcomes? Because it takes both your conscious brain – the goal setter – and your unconscious brain – the goal getter – to work together to ensure your success. Then you can start again! Go even further!

The analogy of setting your destination as a pilot of a plane, flying to a destination abroad is useful. The pilot sets the automatic pilot when he is in the air and if he keeps it on, he will reach his destination. If he decides to take it off and gets distracted by something, it will take much more effort to actually land the plane at the destination.

What causes you to take the automatic pilot off?

Maybe fear of failure, fear of success, not wanting to outshine others or deviate from the way that you have been bought up? I’ll be talking about all of theses reasons on the webinar soon.

I’ll also be giving you tips to get the whole of your brain engaged so click here to register – it’s free and there will be loads of tips and exciting ways to change how you set your goals – they are things that you probably aren’t aware of at the moment.

If you feel as though you want to bypass the webinar and talk to me soon, just click here.


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