How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Your Business

Avoiding Getting Stuck in Your Business – Set Goals Effectively

When I first started out in my business, I felt as though I was really getting stuck and wondered whether it was all worth it! A bit upsetting, but luckily I pushed through. I remembered the skills that I had gained on my NLP Practitioner training, one of which was to set effective goals that involved the whole of my brain – the conscious and the unconscious mind. The Conscious mind sets the goals but the Unconscious mind gets the goals. This means that if you haven’t fully engaged the unconscious mind when you set the goals, they are less likely to be achieved. As soon as I remembered that, achieving things became much easier and things started to happen and I reached where I wanted in my business. The same process and technique also applies to the whole of your life – your relationships,  your health and fitness and your leisure and so on. It would be amazing if we could be in charge of our results by learning this 5 step process. I’m running a webinar to teach you these steps on the 24th January at 7 pm and you can register here for a practical insight into the 5 steps.

Watch me also talking about the other things that might stop you which we also cover on the webinar and I’ll see you there!

So getting stuck is often due to

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of what others may say
  • It’s not what people like me do

I’ll be covering these in the webinar as well.

Until next week- keep on setting those goals effectively!

Dr Bridget

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