Self Care

3 questions to start improving your self care

How to start improving your self care

Self Care

Self Care

I was amused to find my English Bull terrier eating Strepsils as I was thinking about this blog- she definitely looks after her self and also gives a lot back to the family. Self care is also my theme for the year. I sometimes find myself short on energy  for my clients, my family and also for myself to make the most of my One Life. While many people think of selfish as negative, I don’t interpret it in the same way as many. So I’ve got some questions for you to start thinking about this for yourself. Watch the video and then  answer the questions that are below.

Ask  yourself these questions

  1. What have you got in your life that you no longer want?
  2. What haven’t you got in your life that you do want?
  3. What patterns have you noticed in your life that are no longer useful and decrease you energy?

And then, what will be the evidence that you are looking after yourself? What would you see, what would you hear, what would you feel and what would you be saying to yourself?

I’ve seen a lot of people working themselves into the ground – quite literally. Please take some action and do some self care this year. Get in touch if you need some support or want to get unstuck 

Until next week, look after yourself!

Dr Bridget



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