Talking within a group can help with isolation problems, says Dr Bridget

ISOLATION is an issue encountered by many people within their personal and business lives. Even within a team, isolation may occur, particularly when managing that team as a leader who is reluctant to open up to people in case it signals a weakness.

But speaking to people is crucial in all walks of life, such as within one of Dr Bridget Kirsop’s Mastermind groups. This can help with resolving isolationist issues.


Isolation can hit any business owner or person managing a team

Dr Bridget explained: “People in my Mastermind groups have accountability and they have people who are there for them.

“You cannot talk about your inner doubts to your team so people think it is preferable to find people outside the team you are running to open up to.

“It is almost like people open themselves up (inside a group). They know who they are and what they are about, what makes them tick, what makes them motivated, what makes them take action and just go for it.”

And Dr Bridget explained how a change in the mindset can help alleviate these isolationist problems.

She said: “Because your unconscious mind is the domain for your emotions and also drives your behaviour, it is so important to get the unconscious mind on board and compelling goal-setting makes sure your unconscious mind is fully engaged with where you are going.

“If your unconscious mind knows where you are going, you can backtrack from there and you have almost got an action plan going.”

Dr Bridget can help you discover how your unconscious mind can drive your emotions, values and beliefs in the right direction to make you a better person and have a more positive outlook on the world, in both business and personal ways.

For more information, contact Dr Bridget to book a place on her next Mastermind group.

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