3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe

Saying NO to keep yourself safe Safe

It’s interesting how things keep coming up as a theme in my life- I expect you’ve noticed the same in yours? My theme for this year is Self Care and, on top of that, I’ve recently talked to Martin Warrilow about the consequences of him not looking after himself. I also read a Seth Godin blog on Empathy which fitted in to the theme really well. It all comes down to having boundaries and saying NO. There are several reasons that I come across on a regular basis for people to keep saying yes when they really want to say no:

  • People pleasing
  • Fear of losing their business or career
  • Worry about losing relationships

Martin was a sports editor on a busy newspaper and worked night shifts for several years. He was then made redundant and spent a lot of time worrying and looking for jobs and thinking that he might lose everything. He lost 90% of his income overnight! There were some warning signs present but he was so focused on keeping everything together, he ignored them. Until…….. he found himself on a zebra crossing, with a bus bearing down on him and unable to move his legs- he had had a stroke. He now talks to people about looking after themselves and saying NO to keep themselves safe.

Seth Godin recently had a post abut empathy and his main point was that you can say no and still be concerned, empathic and helpful and SAY NO

Watch the video and then think about the 3 ways that YOU can keep  yourself safe.

So think about these 3 things:

  • You are more important than other people – if  you look after yourself, you can look after others
  • People respect boundaries and, in fact, they help them to put boundaries in place. You go up in their estimation and if you don’t, then they are not the right people to be associating with
  • If you lose  your business and potentially your life, are you going to regret saying YES so much? It’s the gravestone engraving – what do you want on yours?

I can help you to change your mindset VERY QUICKLY   and do it this month. If that’s something that you would like to do , get in touch with me here – fill in the form or book an appointment

Until next week, leave me some comments and keep safe!

Dr Bridget

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