How are you Contributing to your Equality?

Equality is the State of being Equal


Are You Equal?

Being Equal,  especially in status, rights or opportunities is a very topical subject and International Woman’s day is happening this week.

However, I want to take a different look at equality, especially as a lot of my clients struggle with confidence, self worth and projecting success. They do not feel equal and I wanted to highlight this important aspect of equality.

Watch the video and then ask yourself the questions underneath

  • How are you showing up in terms of  equality when you compare yourself to others?
  • Are you hiding your views or what you feel?
  • Is there anything that is stopping you from showing up as an equal? Either now in your surroundings or from the past?
  • Do you feel equal?
  • Is equality something that you don’t want to consider?

As we progress through childhood, we pick up our values from our parents and our teachers and the people around us. We also develop beliefs which can limit the way that we think about our career or business or life progression. Maybe things happen around us, or to us, and we “wire” the belief that we are not equal to others into our thinking. It then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where we only notice when we are not equal.

If any of these questions bring up any queries or negative feelings for you, get in touch with me and book an appointment to start a conversation and to progress the way that you can be equal to others.

Because you are equal !!

Have a think, have a look at my web site and the new resources available for mindset for business success and get in touch on 07973 635102 if you want to talk to me.

You can also contact me via the contact page. 

Until next week – be equal!

Dr Bridget

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