3 Things you Must Have to Keep your Energy Levels Up

Energy Levels – how to keep them up



I think we all know when we have exactly the right amount of energy we need for our life, our relationships, our career or our business, don’t we. We certainly know when we haven’t got enough energy and things around us seem to have lower energy as well. I have in the past been really low in energy, and when I stopped and thought about it, there were three things missing.

And once I’d found out how to get these things, my energy levels improved enormously.

  1. Positive people who supported me no matter what
  2. Goals and outcomes that gave me direction
  3. A movement towards what I wanted – instead of moving away from fear or doubt or what I didn’t want

Watch the video where I describe  where you can get most energy

So make sure that you have positive people around you – I call them your A people

Set some really compelling goals and outcomes that you want and will give you direction

Get rid of any of the things that stop you from moving positively towards your goals – this means that you need to get rid of your fear, your doubts, your wish to keep  yourself safe and many other things that have the potential to motivate you  but in fact can hold you back. Examples of these directions include

Towards motivation – I really want that and I’m heading towards that really energetically. There aren’t any things holding me back. An example of that would be that I really want to have health this year and I know exactly what that means and I’m heading towards that as fast as I can.

Away from Motivation a) . The second direction on the video – I really don’t want to be unhealthy and I’m looking over my shoulder and avoiding ill health. You are heading for health because you don’t want to be unhealthy. b) The third direction is where you are facing the fear –  I have a big fear of being unhealthy and I’m constantly focused on that. This is a direction that means it’s quite difficult to move forwards at all.

You have more energy when you are heading towards what you really want and have got rid of all of the negatives that are holding you back

Remember that you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want and  find a way of removing the negatives.  Time Line Therapy (R) is the most effective way I know to get rid of negatives so get in touch with me if you’d like to explore this. I think I’m the only medically qualified NLP Trainer to use TLT (R) in the UK with my clients to get rid of all the negatives from their thoughts – that is a unique qualification that you can take advantage of if you get in touch.    

Until next week, keep energised and leave me some comments below please

Dr Bridget


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