Do you Want to be a Role Model? – Here’s How

Being a Role Model – How to find one to become one

Role Model

Role Model

Sometimes in our life, we want to be a role model. Particularly in our role as a parent, or in our role as a business owner or our wish to be taken seriously in the things that we offer other people. Certainly in my role as an NLP Trainer and Coach, its important to me to walk my walk and talk my talk. Authenticity is really important to me so I show up as me and if anyone wanted to also be authentic, they might model me. And of course, NLP is all about modelling excellence.

I recently judged the award of Inspiring Leader in Zokit – a great networking group in Wales. One of the things that really stood out for me was how they were all Role Models and the winner was someone that had been nominated by her staff as being an inspiring role model- Emma Del Torto

Watch the video below where I talk about how to find and then become a role model.

(I think I should find a role model who can appear calm rather than scary on the first frame of their video – just saying)

The easiest way to become a role model is to find someone that you admire, that you would like to be like, that does the things that you want to do really excellently. Once  you have found them, go and meet them and ask them these things:

  • What is important to you about x – whatever you want to model
  • What are your empowering beliefs about x
  • How do you do x – the behaviour that you want to model – the very 1st thing – ask them is it something you see, something you hear or something you say to yourself and then what do they do next until you have unpicked the behaviour in minute detail.

Interestingly, they won’t necessarily know how they do things or what’s important to them and they will be really interested in what you are asking. Make sure that you keep them to the question that you ask as people tend to ramble if you don’t – for more skills in unravelling strategies and modelling people, come on an NLP course with Dr Bridget NLP – Here’s the link to look at the content.

Once you have found out the content of your Role Model’s values, beliefs and behaviour, then adopt them as yours. Its as simple as that.

If  you have any questions make an appointment to speak to me here – it’s a free surgery session that could change your life

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Let me know how you get on and who your role model is please

See you next week

Dr Bridget

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