How to Like Yourself

How to like yourself

Like yourselfI have two important questions for you – Do you like yourself of not?  Also – Is it OK to like yourself?

Most of my clients have had some sort of trauma in their life – sometimes quite small – and it leads to them playing small, becoming people pleasers, not showing up as who they are and generally feeling rubbish. It’s interesting to think about the causes of why people don’t like themselves. Watch the video and then read the reasons underneath and get in touch it you need help.

 Here are some of the causes – you may have more?

  • Experiences – maybe you have been yourself when you were young and then something happened such as bullying, upsets in work or relationships going wrong with lots of criticism and you’ve decided to go inside yourself and not show up as you – ask yourself if any of these things are stopping you from liking  yourself?
  • How you have been brought up – maybe your parents values are about keeping safe, being polite, keeping the peace and not speaking till you are spoken to?
  • Maybe you have got beliefs from people that you associate with – people who think that being yourself can be arrogant? or  that if you are successful, people won’t like you and you start to play small?

What can you do about it?

Have a think about yourself, or anyone that you may know who is struggling to like themselves. Then dismiss your experiences or beliefs as not true and get some really supportive people around you who like you and believe in you.

Find things that you like about yourself  and say to  yourself- you are great!!! Remember that if you like yourself then you will project that and people will like you.

If you are struggling, let me know via my contact page – we can have a chat and work out what to do about it. The beliefs and negative experiences can be changed very quickly with NLP and you will be much happier.

Remember – I like you! I’ll see you next week

Dr Bridget

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