Getting Out There!

Get Out There - I am Bold NeonIt took me a while-to have the courage to stand up and say what I do. And as I stood in a business show recently, I thought back to the time when standing up and talking was scary and my legs were very wobbly-a lot of the time!

And it was because I was running a story in my head and that negative chatter was telling me
I’m not good enough
What will people think?
I can’t do a video

But gradually, I realised that I had a BIG WHY for doing it – to help as many people as possible to be who they wanted to be, do what they want to do and have what they want to have. So I took a big breath and got out there and put myself out of my comfort zone.
Watch the video below and then ask yourself the question below

I’m wondering-

Is there somewhere in your life where you are not getting out there? Is your story stopping you from doing it?

If you did (get out there) what would happen? What would be different?

And if you didn’t (get out there) what would happen?

Let me know via my contact page if you want to and don’t feel that you can. It’s easily sorted and will make an huge difference to you.

Or you can keep turning the pages of the same old story.

Until next week-have a good one!
Dr Bridget

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  1. Gerry Steinhauer
    Gerry Steinhauer says:

    Very useful video Bridget, thank you. I believe that most people have exactly the hangups you describe and struggle to make themselves do what they know they should. Personally as you know my problem is not talking as much as finding the time to talk – or is that just my excuse???
    Now I have something to ponder so thank you 🙂


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