5 Steps to Giving Feedback to get Positive Results

5 Steps to give Feedback – the process

FeedbackOnce we have created the way that we think, feel and behave, we might come across people who have negative influences on our “story”. These might be people who we work with, live with, employ or see socially. Whenever we see them or hear them, our mood goes down and we “retreat into ourselves and a whole heap of negative chatter starts. When these people are  combined with possible limiting beliefs about saying what you think and consequences of standing up for ourself, there is the potential for  you to limit your happiness and  peace and create unhappiness and low mood instead. And there are very simple things that you can do about that, once you recognise that it is happening.

Have a  listen to the video below and then consider how you can use the 5 step process outlined


Here is the one important thing that will help you to implement this process.  Only you know how you feel and other people can’t disagree with how you feel. They can disagree with opinions but not your feelings

  1. Ask permission
  2. Put the feedback into context
  3. Give generous, specific and succinct feedback which is about how you feel.
  4. Check how the feedback has gone down
  5. Move on

Have a think.

  • Who can you give positive feedback to – to start to practice?
  • Who have you been wanting to give feedback to about negative feelings that you have?

Choose a positive scenarion and use the steps – there are more details in the video

Then choose a negative one and do exactly the same. It will be very different  for the person to receive and will have a different impact. They may change their behaviour or at least discuss it with you.

If they don’t change, then consider whether you want to interact with them – be brave and give me a ring or contact me if you are not sure. I undertake free sessions and it may well change your outlook and the results that you give.
So happy feedback giving – be brave and know that it’s OK to do.

Dr Bridget

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