Who’s In Charge?

Are You in Charge of What Happens in Your Life?

IN charge

Are You in Charge?

Here’s a question for you – On a scale of 0-10 where 10 is you are completely in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and 0 is everyone else is in charge of you (work, bosses, government, dog, family and friends, kids, Brexit), what number would represent where you are? I am a 9-10 having done quite a lot of personal development and I keep myself there.

It would be great to be in charge of your business, career, relationships and life results, wouldn’t it? In charge of your communication, your beliefs , your behaviour and who’s around you. There’s good news and bad news about this however.

Good news – You are in charge, whether you think you are or not

Bad news – most people have no idea that they are in charge and end up feeling like a victim

So if you accept that you are in charge, you have choices. You can believe you are good enough, that you are worthy and that you can do whatever you want in your life. I really think that believing anything else is committing yourself to a life of mediocrity and ups and downs.

A lot of my clients used to think that they are not good enough, that success is too hard, that other people won’t like them if they are successful or that people like them don’t do things that they want to do. If you haven’t read “The Big Leap ” by Gay Hendricks, have a read – its all about what keeps people in their comfort zone and not reaching their full potential. And its easy to sort so book an appointment here to make changes very quickly

Have a watch of the video and give yourself a score- (0-10)

The thing that keeps us where we are in our life and at the score we are is our beliefs. And here’s the thing- you may have heard me say this before- Beliefs are not necessarily true!!. They are what you put in your thinking from things that happen around you. They become hard-wired in and are often difficult to shift. Most of my clients are in an uncomfortable place and are unable to do what they know they need and want to do. They are STUCK. 

Here’s the thing – only you can change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings so that you get different results. The person with the most flexible behaviour is in charge of the system that they are in.

Let me make a suggestion — Take a step back and think about what beliefs drive your behaviours and make a choice to change those beliefs – surround yourself with the right people who support your new beliefs – here’s a link to a video about that.

If you are struggling and know that you are getting in your own way, let me know and we can have a chat about how that has happened and how to change it. Just imagine how that would be for your life!

Until next week, Be in Charge!

Dr Bridget

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