Why Change Can be Uncomfortable

Change- Why is it uncomfortable?



It was great filming this video because it was at a location where I got married 8 years ago and brought all sorts of great memories back. And the bridge that we stood on for our photos was also symbolic of our journey through change.

We all make changes throughout our life – whether that’s in our business, our relationships, our career or other areas of our life  and I want to ask you, are you doing change at the moment, have you done some change in the past that hasn’t worked out for you or are you contemplating changing  in the near future?

So, here’s the thing – we start with change and move towards it and then sometimes beliefs kick in  and you move back towards to where you were. Beliefs that are common are:

  • “I’m not good enough” or maybe “I’m not worthy”
  • “Success is too hard”
  • “What will people think”
  • “I’m not that sort of person – who am I to do that”

So when those beliefs kick in,  people around you start to doubt you, you think you are going to fail and you move back to where you started. Saying to yourself “I’ve failed!”

The thing is, what other people think is actually coming from you – you are projecting doubt. And the trigger for change is still there, so you start again and move towards what you want and the people around you have even more doubt. The same thing happens and you go back down again. Its a bit like a bungee cord where you just go back and forwards (or up and down). And it’s uncomfortable! Watch the video below to see me talking about it.


I expect you are asking yourself  “What can I do about it – how can I break this cycle?”.  “How can we keep going upwards and actually get there?” So here are some answers:

  • Find that internal confidence and realise that all the reasons that you have in your thinking are from the past rather than actually there now. Confidence will mean that people around you will stop doubting and start believing as that will be what you project.
  • Get some really positive people around you – people that will support you , no matter what
  • Get some help- give me a ring or get in touch with me so that we can sort this out. NLP is great at sorting out negative thoughts very quickly and I am well known for being an Unsticker.
  • Come on an NLP training where you can get the skills to unstick yourself and also communicate effectively with others

And then JUST GO FOR IT!

Until next week – keep on moving up!

Dr Bridget





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