Expressing Your Emotions- Good or Scary?

Expressing emotions


Express your emotions

I have a lot of clients who, in the past, have found it really difficult to say what they think and  be who they want to be. This is for a variety of reasons, often involving things that have happened in the past or the people that they are surrounded by. And, if I was being honest, sometimes I don’t express my emotions. And there are consequences.

Have a look at the video and then work out the things to do about it underneath.

If your body is under either emotional or  physical pressure, this can affect your physiology. Your cells are surrounded by neurohormones and nerve cells and respond to negatives in  way that is not healthy for cells. A really interesting finding is that most people who have a label of cancer, have had a traumatic event happen to them in the previous 18-24 months.

One example of this is pain. On my NLP courses, we look at chronic pain. The chronic pain paradigm explains that the reason people have chronic pain, which is unexplained and which has lasted longer than a couple of months, is that they are not expressing their negative emotions. Once expressed, the pain goes. That’s very interesting, isnt’ it? And there is a growing field of Epigenetics- which includes the evidence that negative thoughts and feelings have a direct effect on how DNA is expressed to either the detriment of your health.

You’ve also probably heard me talk about “Perception is Projection”. Whatever is inside you is projected outside of you and what you are feeling internally will be something that people project back to you. If you are feeling sad and think that you are externally projecting happiness, you will get sadness back because the happiness will not be genuine. This will have an effect on your relationships, your actions and your results.

If you are feeling negative, you will do anything to move away from that and won’t concentrate on moving towards what you do want. This is what I call “Away from Motivation”. An example of this is that if you feel anxious all the time , then you will take actions to move away from that rather than towards peace. Again – that will hinder your postivity. If you feel happy and excited, this is much healthier for your body and your fulfillment in life.

What you may be doing is to lock your emotions away in a box, in a wardrobe, or put them to the back of your mind? Here’s the thing – the lid comes off, the doors open and things move to the front of  your mind and boom, life becomes upsetting and negative once again – a cycle.

So what can you do if you are feeling negative emotions

  1. Acknowledge them
  2. Express them
  3. Make sure that you have positive and supportive people around  you
  4. Keep  your boundaries – watch postitive television, keep away from negative people
  5. Get some help if you find yourself unable to expres them – I do a free half hour session to start exploring what you need to do to live your life to the full.

I spend most of my coaching career helping people to remove negatives from their life and to feel able to be who they want to be, do what they want to do and have what they want to have. This involves expresing their emotions as well so get in touch if this is you.

Time Line Therapy gets rid of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that stop you growing and it only takes  a couple of hours.

Until next week, say what you feel!

Dr Bridget – clearing the box for you

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