A Friend's Eulogy

Planning your Funeral- What would People Say?

Planning Your Funeral – Starting with the End in Mind

A bit of a bleak subject this week but it fits really well with a tool that I regularly teach – it’s called “Starting with the End in Mind”.

This is a tool that I found in Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of highly effective people” and one that I use regularly in my mastermind groups. (Click here to find out about my  STRETCH mastermind group)

You can either use this tool to work backwards from your goals to find the thing that you need to do now, or you can use it in this way- starting with what people would say about you at your funeral.

Watch the video and then do the exercise beneath it:

Take some time out and visualise your funeral and being a fly on the wall at it. What would people say and what would you want them to say?

Here’s a starter for 10 list:

  • Friends?
  • Family?
  • Spouse or partner?
  • Boss?
  • Business partner?
  • Anyone else?

Is there a gap between what you’d want them to say and what they might say at the moment?

It’s certainly made me think about what I would like to change with my relationships and behaviours with people.

So what’s the action that you would like to or need to take?

Get a piece of paper out and do the exercise and then define the actions and add them to any others you have in your journey of developing yourself.

If you’d like to have a chat about this, or anything else that you might be stuck with, let me know as I do a free 1/2 hour session. It would be good to get to know you if I don’t already.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – planning something more cheerful next time!



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