Intuition – Helpful or not?

Intuition – Is it Helpful or Not?

IntuitionI often get my blog ideas from articles I read and one on intuition recently popped up in my inbox. Let’s face it – people say that intuition is THE thing to help you make decisions – that gut feeling – and I sort of agree that it can work really well for us. However it can be the worst thing as well- I’ve certainly made intuitive decisions that I’ve regretted in the past – how about you?

So, do you make your important decisions by Intuition? It’s is defined as an ability to know or understand something based on your feelings rather than facts.

When it’s working really well for you, it can be a source for creativity and decision making. And I don’t know if you’ve heard the story of the racing driver who braked just before the last corner instead of accelerating? There had been a crash just in front of him and his life was saved by that gut feel.

In the cases of the being the worst thing to use, you can keep making poor decisions becaues of your intuition and this is often when your unconscious mind has unhelpful beliefs which drive your decision making. Watch the video and find out how to sharpen yours below.

You can fine tune your intuition by using “Intuition Pumps” which add rational thinking to make sure what you have decided is the really the best thing for you.

Think of a project that you might be doing and:

  1. Focus on what you wouldn’t normally focus on – change the focus of your thinking to see if you have missed anything.
  2. Adopt an alient persepctive  or a fly on the wall perpective – what can you see that you haven’t noticed before?
  3. Change the people around you to get different perspectives and insights.

And if you find that your thinking is stuck on an unhelpful loop which means that your decision making can be flawed, get in touch. It may be due to limiting thoughts and feelings which can be changed very quickly.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – protecting you from yourself if needed.

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