Expressing negative emotions – good or bad?

Expressing Negative Emotions – good or bad?

Negative emotions

Negative emotions

Here’s my take on it:

 I always think – is the negative emotion appropriate or not?

I’m going to take anger as my example negative emotion (there are others such as Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt).

I find it difficult to  think of appropriate anger but I guess it may be someone driving into your car when driving carelessly, or a dog biting your child or being told off at work. Watch the video where I talk about whether its a good thing to express negative emotions or not and then look at the things that will help below:

If it is appropriate, make sure that you are in a helpful state to be able to communicate and express it and also be OK with any consequences.

If it is inappropriate, it may be as a result of being “wronged” in the past or that you keep getting dragged back to that event – a bit like a bungee cord pinging back – I call it negative anchors.

If you feel that the anger is inappropriate, what could you do instead?

  • Accept the anger
  • Accept that only you put the anger in your head
  • Ask yourself “What is it doing for you?” All emotions have a positive intention.
  • Reframe the intention of the emotion – For example if you are angry because you don’t feel heard and want to be heard, then find another way of being heard.
  • Understand that negative emotions harm the body and cause stress and dis-ease
  • Get in touch with me as I can help you get rid of negative emotions very quickly – just a few hours

The services that I offer to help you to cut the bungee cord are:

  1. Personal Breakthrough coaching – sorting out the negatives in just 2 days with ongoing support over 6 months
  2. NLP Training – also giving you the skills to work with other people as well as getting rid of negative emotions

Either way, get in touch to find out more.

So, until next week

Dr Bridget – expert in cutting bungee cords

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