Do you Know when You are Getting it Right?

Do you know when you are getting it right?


Got it right

I was walking down the path in the sun last week and I suddenly thought- “I’ve got this right!”

I had quite a long list of what to do, including getting ready for a course I am now running, training and walking the dogs, going to the gym, doing some gardening , reading and tidying (plus a few other things)

And I got to the middle of the afternoon and suddenly  thought “Boom!” And you know what:-

  • I felt peaceful
  • I felt excited
  • I felt in control
  • I felt I had choices

I don’t think I’d felt like this for some years and realised that I had some critieria for feeling this way. Watch the video and then ask yourself whether you have criteria for getting it right?

I’m interested- What are your criteria for getting it right?

Once you know what they things are, please let me know!-

Maybe you’ll need to start doing something, change things that you do or stop doing some things?

Let me know when you’ve got them! When you’ve got that feeling!

If you need some help, let me know!

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – helping people get it right

P.S You can achieve this  very quickly by coming on a course or working 1:1 with me



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